Warrant Service Arrest Report

As LEO’s there are many things that are left up to an officer’s discretion. We can decide to stop or not stop a vehicle, we can decide to draw or not draw our weapon, we can decide to shoot or not shoot. The only thing we do not have discretion on is a judge ordered arrest warrant. Once a name check is performed and an offender comes back with an active arrest warrant, the officer has no choice and has to place the subject into custody. As an officer we can not release the offender on an I-Bond/Recognizance Bond. The offender must either post the bond amount entered or appear in front of the judge the next day. The main part of an arrest warrant is making sure that the person on the warrant is the actual person being taken into custody and that the warrant is still valid. This is what I would typically write in one of my arrest reports for a warrant service.

In summary on 01DEC2009 at approximately 2315 hours R/O was assigned to Central Patrol. While on routine patrol R/O observed a Ford SUV, white in color ( IL Reg. 77676744) traveling eastbound on Main St.. R/O observed the above vehicle disobey the traffic control device at the intersection of Main St. and Lowe Ave. ( 2300 W. Lowe Ave.). R/O observed that the above vehicle had not made a complete stop at the device, being a flashing red light device. R/O at that point activated the police emergency lights and curbed the vehicle at approximately 2430 W. Lowe Ave.. Upon approach R/O made contact with the driver, a male white subject, know known as Doe, John. Above subject provided R/O with an Illinois driver’s license as well as an insurance card. R/O performed a name check on the above subject via mobile data terminal, which revealed an outstanding warrant issued by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Above warrant was confirmed active through Central Dispatch. Above subject was placed into custody for the above warrant. Subject’s vehicle was searched and inventoried per departmental policy and towed by Jan’s Towing. Above subject was transported to Central Station and processed accordingly. Traffic Citation # I-7874647. Warrant # (W#65746-09). LEADS # (H87976938). Bond Amount (No Bond). Next Court Date, 02Dec2009/Bond Court/Rm203, 0900 hours. End of Report.

Make sure these key points are in your report.

1) Day and time of incident.

2) What was your unit of assignment at that time.

3) What you observed.

4) Probable Cause for the traffic stop or for making contact with the subject.

5) Why you performed a name check on the subject.

6) How you performed the name check and the result.

7) Who issued the warrant and how the warrant was confirmed active. ( most important )

8 ) Any identifiers if available.

9) Any inventory done. Vehicle etc..

10) Where subject was transported to and how processed.

11) P.C citation number / Warrant number / LEADS number / Bond Amount

12) Whether the subject posted the bond and bond number or if no bond , when and where the subject must appear.


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