Why is report writing important?

Report writing can make or break a police officer’s career. Writing a good report can do many things including: showing an officer’s knowledge of the job, literacy, save time in court, aide states attorney’s, be used as teaching aides in academy’s, save officer’s from being disciplined or separated from the department as well as many other instances. More than 80% of all arrests ( not including the forcible felonies ) are plea bargained in court and the officer will never have to testify. This is due to the fact that most reports are written in decent enough fashion that defense attorney’s advise their clients to take the pleas. The other 20% of reports go to trial and are more often than not, “found  not guilty” solely based upon the officer’s police report. Do not be that officer on that stand that the defense attorney makes look like a security guard for a children’s toy store. If you develop excellent report writing skills, then you will never have a problem in court. Chances are that if you write good enough reports that you will never have to testify in court, because your offender will plea out.


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