Police Report Samples

The term police report is interchanged with other terms such as:  Arrest Report, Incident Report, Offense/Incident Reports, I/R, O/I, Police Summary and many others. These reports are written for many different reasons, some of which the regular citizen would not know. The most common reason a report is written is in relation to a crime having been committed and an offender or offender’s being taken into custody. Even if an offender is not taken into custody a police report must be written, depending on the severity of the crime that had been committed. For example, if a call for a “shots fired” is received but the officer on scene does not see an offender, weapon used, or a description from any witnesses, there is no need to make a report due to the fact that there are no factual elements to write a report about. On the other hand,  if the officer on scene arrives and the complainant explains to the officer that the offender pointed his weapon at her, then at the ground, and then fired three times into the ground, the officer is starting to get some viable information. The complainant then explains that the offender is a white male, 25-30 years of age, scar on left side of cheek and fled in a blue vehicle with front end damage. The officer at that point will relay the description to dispatch for broadcast. If the offender is not found, then the officer will just complete a report with the factual elements of the incident and forward all information and reports to the detectives division to perform follow-up investigations. This blog will not be able to tell an officer when a report should be written, because every agency has different policies in regards to which incidents require or do not require a report. In this blog there will be information on how to narrate an excellent police report for an array of incidents/arrests/crimes.


2 Responses

  1. Great examples of summary’s. If all my officers wrote narratives like that, I would be very excited. I will urge them to visit your site for some great examples…

    • Thanks for your comment Village SGT.. I am very new to this blog thing and just putting some ideas i have on a site that may help some other officer’s in the field. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. Any traffic you can send to my site would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Again for visiting.

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